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Cannabis and Sex

As the stigma surrounding cannabis use is slowly but steadily scattered, anecdotal evidence of the link between marijuana and better sex is surfacing. Internet stores are stocking up on marijuana lube but is there any truth to the claim that weed enhances sex?

A recent study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that, of the 60,000 people surveyed, those who consumed cannabis reported having more sex. The difference is quite striking: women who consumed cannabis had a nearly 35% increase in sexual activity weekly. A Psychology Today poll found that 67% of respondents believed cannabis improved their sex life, while further 20% said the effects depended mostly on the circumstances.

The answer may lay in the specific effects cannabis has on the body (especially in terms of anxiety and pain-relief), but also on the particular sexual issues many women experience. In fact, most studies done on the link highlight that women using cannabis found sex more pleasurable. Given the known pain-relieving properties of CBD, it’s easy to see how lighting a joint or putting a few drops of CBD oil under the tongue can help. Certain strains are also better at enhancing one’s libido or sex life than others: high CBD strains are great for anxiety and chronic or acute pain, while high THC strains may loosen your mental state and make you more in-tune with your physical sensations.

Researchers suggest that cannabis may lower anxiety and stress, and lend a bit of confidence in one’s sexual ability. The dose is of the essence, though: too much can cause sedation and paranoia, shifting the user’s focus inwards and taking their attention away from their partner and the experience. A small dose, on the other hand (2.5mg or lower, or even as low as 1mg) won’t produce the characteristic euphoria but may take away the pain, anxiety or performance-related stress when it comes to that special time with that special someone.

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