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Breast Health

We bring our families to our breasts to hug them and hold them and to bring them comfort. 

We bring our babies to our beasts to provide them with the life-giving nutrient dense milk. 

Yet we deny, dismiss, and ignore our breasts daily. We simply bind them in bras that can hurt us in the effort of helping us.  We shame the women who love their breasts and let that love show. Breasts are a natural part of the body and with all the good they do, they deserve some love! We have been taught how to care for our vaginas, our skin, our gut and our body as a whole. But have you ever been taught how to take care of your breasts? Have you ever even considered your breasts and their function?

Our breasts play a critical role in our whole bodies overall health and wellness! We may not realize it, but our breasts are a fully functional organ.  There are two important things to realize about your boobs and the job they do. First, the breasts are a major pathway for toxins traveling out of the body on the way to the armpit to be expelled. The second is that our breasts are basically made up of fatty tissue that is very absorbent, like a sponge.  In a healthy body, toxins would be temporarily stored up in the fatty tissue of the breast and then flushed out by the lymphatic system through the armpit. However, the functionality of our lymphatic system can become slowed down by a life long “over-all body burden” of toxins. With each molecule of prescription medications, oral contraceptives, synthetic hormones, heavy metals, plastics and mycotoxins that accumulate in our breasts, we add to this burden.  When these toxins become so built up that they get trapped in our tender breast tissue, it can lead to health challenges for the body. Breast tissue, being very tender, is sensitive and susceptible to imbalances caused by excess toxins. We can show our breasts a little love by relieving them from the toxic burdens they bear.

One way we can do this is with regular breast massage. In addition to stimulating the lymph detoxification, breast massage will firm the delicate connective tissue.  Women have been practicing self-breast massage for centuries, it is a wonderful, delightful ritual that feels sublime and is deeply relaxing. In addition to stimulating lymphatic drainage, breast massage also releases built up estrogen, and firms up the connective tissues.

Breast massage is simple and should be done daily. Simply apply euphoric pressure to the breasts while massaging in an upward and inward circle. Imagine that you will draw circles around your breasts with your fingers, moving them toward the heart.

This can be done in the shower, while soaking in the tub, or when you take your bra off each day. After learning more about breast health from the creator of Bosm Wellness, there is much more we can do to take care of our breasts by using the right massage oil. After a personal experience as a caregiver for her mother during her journey through breast cancer, she is brimming with knowledge about our boobs and how to care for them.

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Written by Raea Campbell founder of BOSM WELLNESS with edits by LMJ


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