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Let’s talk about painful sex…

The more I speak with women, the more I hear about the challenge of painful sex or lack of libido. It’s a subject that feels somewhat taboo or even embarrassing to many. The truth is that that it can come from a wide range of causes, and finding the answer is rarely simple.


As our bodies change, we have children, we mature and we begin to experience the bitch of menopause, our sexuality is often affected, we can begin to lose the desire or simply find it increasingly uncomfortable and so we just move on with life and dismiss this very important part of our feminity. Perimenopausal and menopausal women seem to be the most affected and find themselves faced with choosing hormones, creams, vaginal pills the list goes on. CBD is fairly new to the conversation but the initial results are promising.

CBD can increase blood flow and natural lubrication, the relaxing effects are proving to relax women both mentally and physically, and as a natural anti-inflammatory (which can make sex painful) it can work magic.

When our team started talking about products that we felt were important, CBD lubricant was a little late to the party, but we soon realized just how important it is to the overall woman, our sexual health is intimately woven into so many other areas of our life, from the endorphins we need to our overall self-confidence. We began testing CBD lubricants and were impressed with many of them. It was my conversation with Maria, the creator of Plaisir De Grasse that was a game changer.


We spoke openly about her intentions behind the creation of Plaisir, and even her initial discomfort in talking about such a private subject,  I was equally pleased and surprised to find that it is not just a lubricant but formulated to be beneficial to the overall health of your most intimate parts. She suggested using it after a shower, and I haven’t showered without it since – it’s a bit like wearing your most beautiful lingerie all day, wonderfully feminine.


The feedback has been overwhelming and so touching, many women have found sex pleasurable and their libidos invigorated again, this could not be more gratifying. This again leads us to the hope that CBD can bring to such an important subject.


As much as we love Plaisir, what we want for you, is to not give up on finding a solution. Experimentation is key, don’t ignore the most intimate parts of yourself because they are difficult to talk about, be diligent in finding what works for you. We want you to feel nothing short of amazing.

Read more about Maria on her blog post here

take care of you


*This is not intended as medical advice and as always seek the help of your physician.

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