About Little Mary & Jane
About Little Mary & Jane
Take Care of You


Our Story

As with most good things, the vision of Little Mary and Jane came from a personal experience. I was prescribed Cannabis for a medical condition and as I left my Doctors office, I found myself perplexed – I had no idea what to get or even how to use it.

I stopped at the nearest head shop and felt ashamed¬† by the “bad boy” images surrounding me, was I now one of them? A friend was kind enough to bring me dry herb and as he left, I realized I had no idea what to do with it, and I had ran out of the head shop so fast that I had nothing to smoke it with. I got online and found a tutorial on how to roll a joint, but I had no papers and I was never going back into a head shop again.

My oldest daughter joked that her friend used to use the blank pages of her mothers Bible to roll joints with, and so, after asking forgiveness – I rolled my first joint.

It was at that moment the vision of LMJ was born. I was infuriated that there  was no where for me to turn, and moreover nothing that felt remotely comfortable for me to use. As legalization continues to happen, LMJ has gone from a vision to a reality.

As our team talked with women about Cannabis, something became very clear – it isn’t just about Cannabis, it is about self care, honoring our bodies and shedding the guilt. We wrestled with what this meant for our customer, and how we could give them the gift of self care in a very real way. We also knew that we had to be more than an e-commerce platform, that education is crucial as women begin to explore Cannabis.

Cannabis is a big part of what Little Mary and Jane is, but we look at you – our customer, as a whole person – and quite frankly we want to give you the gift of feeling amazing everyday, even in the smallest of ways.

Here’s to visions, Cannabis and self care!

Take care of you,


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