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Dreamcatcher HuggMe Blanket Wrap by Faceplant Dreams

$59.95 $42.95

A classic symbol of cleansing and positivity, these dreamcatchers are beautiful and require 0 nails or hammers. If you want to cleanse the sleeping air, you need this blanket.

What we LOVE about HuggMe blanket wrap for adults: there are pockets along the edges, allowing you to tuck your hands in and wrap our blankets around you. If you’re tired of slouchy blankets, cold hands and feet, or boring graphics – a HuggMe Blanket is the blanket for you or a friend.

Huggme size is 64” x 48”

The Huggme blanket wrap for adults has snuggle-pockets to hug you tight. The beautiful prints are original pieces from an array of emerging artists. They use a unique blend of BPA-free microfiber made 100% from recycled plastics and line it with a Sherpa that’s as downy soft as a unicorn’s mane. The Huggme dream catcher blanket is oh-so-soft and gentle on you and the environment.

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