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Plaisir de Grasse

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Plaisir:  /plezir/  pleasure / De: /duh/- from Grasse: /gra:s/A town near Cannes, in south-eastern France, center of the perfume industry/ Grass: Slang for Marijuana

Introducing Plaisir de Grasse, the first personal intimacy oil to combine elegant design, a carefully mixed blend of organic oils, exotic edible essence and more pure one-hundred percent legal, non-psychoactive CBD than any other personal intimacy oil on the market today. Quite literally …


It’s Great Sex in a Bottle.

It’s Warm…

It’s Slippery….

It’s Tingling….

It’s Pulsating….

It Smells Great….


“One touch of the slippery, silky all-natural coconut oil and it will be impossible to stop touching.” Liza, 32, – Hollywood.


This much fun should be illegal, but it’s not. So what are you waiting for? Everyone’s trying it, come on… what are you waiting for…


LMJ Tip after speaking with the owner, we followed her tip of using it after a shower, let’s just say it’s like wearing sexy lingerie all day – we don’t shower without it!


What does it do?


“So abso—f—ing—lutely f—— amazing!”

Technically, you’ll experience enhanced blood flow, heightened sensitivity, and a slight warming, tingling sensation all wrapped up in a sexy blend of rose, vanilla, ylang ylang, amber, cardamom and sensual musk that will take you higher.

 “A whole new way to have beautiful sex.” Bianca, 45 – Rome


How do I use it?


Like Coco Chanel would if she were alive today. Boldly. Brazenly. Often. Alone or with someone.

Spray liberally between your legs; rub it, leave it, play with it. Now close your eyes and savor it.

First: A garden in the South of France. Grasse to be precise. Ylang Ylang and Rose…heavenly. A hint of the exotic…Cardamom? Amber? Yes, that’s it.  Now, wait- what’s that? Cooling, and warming at the same time? Ah, peppermint. Genius.

And while your brain is busy wrapping itself around the incredible scents and heightened sensations being delivered, the magic of the cannabis plant swoops in, blood flow increases, tension dissolves and the real pleasure begins.

“It’s empowering. Like saying to myself, I want better sex for me; and I’m going to get it.” Monica, 28 – Chicago.


Better Sex in a Bottle?

oh, yeah….

all it takes is 9 ingredients, all plant-based, all organic, and magical when combined.


Plaisir de Grasse is the first luxury personal intimacy oil to offer an intense blend of delicately fragrant natural aphrodisiacs, and enough pure organic, deliciously effective cannabidiol oil to rock your world.

More specifically, our completely natural arousal mist is a precise blend of pure, lightweight organic, MCT coconut oil and 99+% pure, organic cannabidiol with absolutely no THC. Though completely non-psychoactive, CBD, when applied topically increases sensitivity, decreases stress, and increases blood flow.

Made from tropical flowers, seductive spices, and powerful plants known to calm, soothe, stimulate and excite, Plaisir de Grasse calms the mind while stimulating hormonal production and blood flow. We use a 2% essential oil dilution so the fragrance is richly textured, warm and inviting but is also subtle and the application, safe. Spray it on everywhere you want to tingle and feel like a woman.

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