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Sindicase Odor Proof Locking Bag

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When LMJ was only a dream, one of the most important products that we felt we needed to carry was a locking and odor free “cosmetic” bag or pouch. We not only want you to enjoy the benefits of Cannabis, we want you to have the peace of mind knowing that your family is safe and your products are securely and discreetly stored.

Long story short, Sindicase found us and we couldn’t be more happy – it is everything we had envisioned and more – it’s simply brilliant.

With two models, a military grade lock and key or a combination lock (our personal favorite) and four colors – you can’t go wrong.



  • EFFECTIVELY LOCKS SMELLS IN: Sindicase Supply Co. Smell Proof Pouch keeps pungent or strong smelling stash, herbs, medications, vaping accessories, herbal products, rolling papers, and candles from being detected by others. This airtight, smell proof case effectively keeps scents from escaping via the power of carbon that lines the inside of each pouch. Our patented, activated-carbon odor neutralizing technology absorbs smells, keeping the stink out
  • POWERFULLOCKING DEVICE: Each smell proof case with lock comes with a military-grade lock system with code. The zippers easily lock into the TSA-approved combo box, fastened on the side of the odorless travel pouch. Preset at 420, you can manually change the code to your personal preference. Rest assured that, with the Sindicase Supply Co tobacco containers, no smell will get out and no unwanted person will get in. We care about your safety and privacy!
  • SUPERIOR BUILD: Derived from thick, PU leather, these odor control medication bags and cases are incredibly durable and can withstand a great deal of everyday wear-and-tear. With reinforced stitching and tight-seal zippers that are water-resistant, our locking travel bag is the highest-quality, long-lasting carry and storage bags available on the market. Weather- resistant and strong, this odor blocking pouch is a must for protecting your valuables.
  • STYLISH AND ELEGANT: Regardless of what you are using the versatile carrying case for, there‚Äôs no reason to sacrifice beautiful aesthetics for performance. Travel in luxurywith these ultra-soft, lightweight, personal scent-proof bags. With a minimalistic yet bold design, the Sindicase smell proof bags with lock exudes decadence and high-class. It also provides optimal cushioning for products prone to breaking or chipping like smoke pipes, glass pieces, and vaporizers.


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